Rooted in quality and trust
Crowned in client service and expertise


An Italian management at the service of the foreign productive units to provide the best European Hardwoods products.

The high efficiency work of Corà Timber Industries is guarantee by a management that works in wood market from long time
  • Professional and experienced men, talents that add to their passion and job dedication a deep knowledge of material and its value. They assure an incomparable client consultancy service.
  • A team that offer a knowledge heritage as guarantee of the production processes control and of the renewed responsibility to which we have to daily respond.
  • A working team a that aim at offering an undoubtable quality and efficiency to the production units efficiency to every production units with the common purpose of ensuring to the relationships the values of accuracy, honesty and credibility.
  • A management with suitable and proved administrative capabilities, at all levels, adequate to the needs of an international company and ready to take with courage and determination the next future challenges.

The holding, based in Vicenza, Italy, is the synonym of quality.

Domenico Corà


What is your role in the company?
President and Managing Director of Corà Timber Industries Spa.

What is your purpose in the company?
I constantly search the Thoughts and Productive Communication with the primary collaborators of Corà Timber Industries, with the purpose of planning strategies and the present and future actions. My drive is to be a point of reference for listening and exchanging all opinions. My aim is to create a peaceful, productive and, especially, dynamic work enviroment, where everyone can find the ideal place to give the best, to act concretely at the operational level and to contribute with ideas and projects to the company development. I ask my partners to shared of the views on possible solutions to any problem.

Company Strengths:

  • Human assets of indisputable value at all levels: Dynamic, capable and brave people. Real and thru experts, bearers of values like dedication and company fidelity that they feel like their second home;
  • Location of the productive units in the origin place, range of products articulated and complete, typical Italian production determination and flexibility;
  • FOUR values that are integral part, of the company: History – Reliability – Competencies and Seriousness.

Somehow I do not think that there are top such that they can not be scaled by a man who knows the secret to realize dreams. This special secret can be summed up in the famous FOUR “C”: Curiosity, Confidence (Trust), Constance and Courage. The biggest of all is TRUST. When you believe in something, you believe it all the way. In engaging and indisputable way.

Walter Disney, USA 1901-1966

Marco Favaro

Sales Coordinator

What is your role in the company?
I am the Sales Supervisor of the Group. I manage and plan the commercial activity, coordinating the agents, with whom I plan and set up all the activities in order to satisfy the needs of our commercial partners, not forgetting the different necessities of our companies.

What is your purpose in the company?
To consolidate our brand presence and development all over the world. It is synonym of reliability, quality and trust for the clients that have chosen and continue to choose us every day.

Company strenghts:

  • FLEXIBILITY: the company flexible structure, guarantees an immediate action by the Management and promotes a healthy constructive working relationship between the members of the Team. All factors that contribute to the final customer satisfaction, which enjoys of an efficient service, able to face the most difficult challenges of the global market.
  • BRAND: A solid and well-structured marketing action made CTI brand as one of the most important and popular globally. A real strength and clear distinction from competitors.
  • QUALITY: The quality carried out over the years thanks to the know-how of our technical team and the use of advanced technologies is perhaps the greatest strength of the company. All our products meet high quality standards and tests to maintain the high level that distinguishes them from the crowd. For this reason, the Group companies can be considered as the wood boutiques.