Rooted in quality and trust
Crowned in client service and expertise

Established in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, Corà Hardwood Company operates in the whole Balkans territory, a geographic area that distinguish itself for the presence of monumental hardwood forests, particularly Slavonian Oak, renowned and appreciated all over the world.

Corà Timber Industries management is present in Croatia since many decades with connections and historical partnerships that represent a unique and relevant heritage.

In this perspectival vision, Corà Hardwood was founded, specifically to value this precious network of partnerships, personal and commercial relations with the aim to complete the products range and offer all-round service.

Corà Hardwood Company has got two founding partners, LIPA, major shareholder and Corà Timber Industries, both sharing and supporting Group’s vision and synergy.

The company avail itself of a reliable and professional suppliers’ network, together with a skilled and experienced team aimed to conduct the quality controls during the production process and right before the shipment in order to guarantee the highest qualitative standards, providing and maintaining consistency through the time.

Corà Hardwood is specialized in the sale of unedged Oak and Beech, air and kiln dried, in different qualities, but also commits to implement the products range in the market offering Croatian Ash and Basswood.

The strong and rooted presence in the territory allows CHC to react in a dynamic and flexible way to the needs of the worldwide clientele.