Rooted in quality and trust
Crowned in client service and expertise

Sales Area

A widespread network of people at our partners and clients service, real and unique asset of a company.

Corà Timber Industries sets people and relationships above all, therefore, it puts special attention to sales representatives, who embody the core values of the company.

  • Men and Women, with the daily honor and responsibility of representing the corporation mission, vision and values. They carry the unique and prestigious flag that embodies all companies, integral parts of Corà Timber Industries galaxy.
  • Women and Men with a clear and defined mission: strengthen the concept of partnership overcoming the outdated separation between supplier and client. They are, at the same time, both qualified consultants and bearers of the company creed.
  • Men and Women with a dual task: anticipate, interpret and understand the client’ needs and share and support the production phases of the sawmills.
  • Women and Men linked by the FOUR values, essential to be part of the Corà team: professionality, reliability, trust and experience.

A team that deserves to be pointed out and presented, with the only ambitious aim of WINNING hard challenges of the global competition.

Sales Network

As showed in the interactive map above, the Corà Timber Industries group is present in many Countries. A continuous and advanced research and selection will bring to the total coverage of strategic markets in the next future.

Corà Timber Industries diversified its commercial organization basing on human resources, on their knowledge and introduction on the different markets and last but not least, by the potential of the different world areas, on three different type of cooperation:

  • On site operative office
  • Partnership with broker agencies organized and deeply rooted on the area
  • Contract of exclusivity with sales agent for a specific country


China represents an important and strategic market for the companies of the Group, thus Corà Timber Industries has decided to operate directly with an office in Hangzhou, city mentioned by the famous explorer Marco Polo.

The office is managed by Mr. Xia Xiaoming, our Country Manager for the entire Chinese territory, who cooperates with the companies of the Group for 10 years. This crucial presence assures an efficient markets knowledge and a direct and continuous contact with our customers.

This constant presence on the area permits the supervision and the forecast of the market trends.

Furthermore, considering the geographical distance, for the timber importer who is the key client for the companies of the Group, to have an office on site represents a guarantee of reliability, seriousness and respect of the commercial agreements.

Mr. Xia Xiaoming
Hangzhou Headquarter


In other world areas equally strategic for the Group and linked by a unique thread, Corà Timber Industries operates through specifics and researched partnerships agreements with historical brokers agencies, with an organized sales organization which work on the single market of competence from several years. These broker agencies represent a very skilled figure for the timber importers. Infact they are able to offer a global and diversify range of products to cover the multiplicity of needs of the customer at 360°. For companies the Group is really privilege to be part of this important and selected network of timber offer.

Every single agency gives the due attention and prominence to the Group’s companies, that represent an important part of their overall turnover. These commercial agreements allow a priority relation with customers and a double guarantee of reliability for the mutual selection, respectively for the Group of the commercial partners’ and for the agencies of qualified suppliers.

A double acknowledgement and a successful match of two high qualified and competent business realities.

Arbawood Timber
Trading Agency

Countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Senegal
Manager: Antonio Romito

Trading Ltd

Countries: UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Arabia Saudita, Kuwait
Manager: Dimitris Karatzas


Corà Timber Industries is present on single countries through high qualified sales agents that live and work from long time on the territory of reference with a deeply tooted experience on the market. For the timber importers they represent an important consultant that offers a wide range of specific products.

The continuous presence on the area and the experience of these men and women are a guarantee of seriousness, reliability for customers, and concrete evidence in every countries of the clear commercial strategy of the Group.