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About us

A certified presence and a constant commitment in the wood sector to offer the best expertise possible.

Corà Timber Industries: the history of timber evolves…

Corà Timber Industries is an international network for the production of European hardwood timber with FOUR productive units in Bosnia and Romania. The group headquarters is in Vicenza, Italy, whose astonishing cultural heritage is protected by UNESCO.

Its management is the expression of over 90 years of history and knowing of timber market, a reliability, knowledge and experience assets that is on Corà Timber Industries DNA indead.

A company, a single leitmotiv of coming back to the origins to retrace the historic method of preparation of one of the finest raw material: the European broad-leaved trunk.

This is why Corà Timber Industries is focused on people and personal relations, enhancing the invaluable and exclusive asset of knowledge, competencies and experience of each collaborator. High attention and professionalism for our target client: the wood importers and the retailers of every country.

High attention and awareness on environmental issues, awareness of management in production processes, the widespread commercial organization, the methodical logistical plannig that allow us to reach directly every market worldwide, the consultancy service together with the support and assistance of our stakeholders. They are the result of the knowledge developed in many years and they also make Corà Timber Industries the synonym of professionality, trust, quality of products and safety.


Corà Timber Mission is represented by FOUR important focuses:


Forest resources safeguarding, current legislation respecting, suppliers supporting, FSC certified products promoting. In a single though, considering the wood heritage as the most precious resource to transit to our children.


Offering to our international clients a vast range of certified quality products and reliability through qualified services of high added value.

Team Work

Enhancing the credibility and reliability has our company historical heritage and of our all precious and unique collaborators.


Being and feeling as partner of our clients in a world where everything is in rapid and global transformation.