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Sale Agents

El Amin Arfa


Mr. Arfa after a long experience as business man decided to represent Corà Timber Industries for its high quality woods and its strong identification in Libia.

Simone Bedin

Mr. Simone Bedin has been working on this field for more than 20 years, both on the Italian and European market, also through commercial experiences abroad, especially in UK. He also represents North American producers of Softwood and Hardwood. Thanks to the partnership with Corà, he guarantees an offer of a complete range of products and he can largely satisfy client expectations.

For him, the three most important strengths are: a brand and a quality much appreciated in the market, the modern productive and well organised structure, a managerial team which is always available and present.

Sergio Milazzi

Austria / Goodwood

Mr. Milazzi works on the wood market from more than 40 years managing the family activity which future is now grant from the active presence of his daughter.

Sergio decided to represent Corà Timber Industries for sympathy and because it is a new company for its market, present directly at the origin with 3 modern and efficient production unities. What makes it highly competitive in foreign markets are the direct production on home markets, the great possibilities and elasticity, the service, the direct support from the home markets of European hardwood.

For him, the three most important strengths of the company are… The direct presence in the markets of origin, the modernity and efficiency of production facilities, professionalism and experience of the production and the awareness for customers to have a partner “Western” in markets where it is not always easy to operate to purchase.

Mr. Amit Mundhra

India / Carl Ronnow Limited

Mr. Amit Mundhra has been active in wood trading for more than 15 years, his strong competences within the timberbusiness and great relation with the Indian timber buyers (nationwide) makes Corà, and Carl Ronnow Limited a strong team.