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Mico was formed in 2001 and operates in Miercurea Sibiului near Sibiu, Romania in area of the Carpathian mountains – a renowned source of beech, ash and lime timber.

The company, situated in Miercurea Sibiului, near Sibiu, Romania, operates in the forests of Carpathian Mountains, prestigious supply of beech and ash.

Mico commitment is firstly to purchase raw material from selected suppliers, that respects the laws for the safeguard and protection of forests. Mico has a constant goal: respecting and transforming the wood material with high quality standards, in order to be a reality of indisputable excellence competing to in the Romanian contest. Every production process is finalized to obtain and offer the best certified quality and it is the consequence of experience, professionalism and reliability acquired in many years of work.

The business network, shared with the other companies of Corà Timber Industries group, promotes and markets Mico products, guaranteeing support, consultancy and assistance to all clients worldwide.

The continuous supply of trunks, the total control of the production cycle, from the forest to the final product, together with a the constant monitoring to guarantee high quality standards, have the common goal of satisfying the clients.

Annually, between 2002 and 2007, Mico Legnami received the first award of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture of Sibiu, in the category of Small and medium-sized enterprises in wood manufacturing sector. In the past 5 years, the company was awarded with two Honorary Certificate and one Excellence Certificate for the economic results.

In 2015 more than 350 trucks and containers were delivered from Mico, receiving no complaints from the clients. A magnificent result of devotion, reliability and professionalism of all the company staff.


The company can satisfy numerous requests thank to it machinery; in fact, Mico has got 1 saw line with vertical band saw made by Artiglio, 1 de-barker Valentini, 1 trimmer by Modesto, 2 rubber-coated shovel by Jcb and Zeppelin, 4 diesel carriages by Hyster, 3 boilers and evaporators Baschild with cycle capacity of 70 mc., 10 dryers Baschild and 5 dryers Termolegno with drying capacity of 900 mc per month and 60 employees.










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