Who we are

Corà Timber Transilvania was founded in 2015, from a previous and historic Italian company, operative from the 2005.

Situated in Siret, in the North of Romania, it represents a strategic location near the borders with Ukraine and Moldova. Both for its proximity to very valuable forests, the company identifies itself also for its modern Italian machineries, that together with the professionalism and experience of the employees, guarantee an incomparable quality of lumber products.


Our Team

Women and Men with an extraordinary dedication, passion and love for wood; Men and Women with proved experience in the sector with a worth network of contacts; Women and Men that represent and identify the values of reliability and credibility, the double foundations of every professional and human relation; Men and Women, aware of their management responsibility of Corà Timber Transilvania: a local governance that enhances and respects the industrial, social and cultural assets of Bosnia and Romania, two countries with the same value that welcomes and hosts the production units of Corà Timber Industries.


A tree is the slow explosion of a seed.
Bruno Munari, Italy 1907-1998


Edge Lumber
Edge Lumber

Where we are


Str.Lactu Voda,42/a – Loc.Siret


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