Who we are

Mico-Legnami was founded in 2001, with an advanced sawmill plant, a modern machinery by Primultini, made in Italy, placed side by side to steaming, drying and second production plants. The company, situated in Miercurea Sibiului, near Sibiu, Romania, operates in the forests of Carpathian Mountains, prestigious supply of beech and ash.

Every production process is finalized to obtain and offer the best certified quality and it is consequence of experience, professionalism and reliability acquired in many years of work.


Our Team

Women and Men with an extraordinary dedication, passion and love for wood;  Men and Women with proved experience in the sector with a worth network of contacts; Women and Men that represent and identify the values of reliability and credibility, the double foundations of every professional and human relation; Men and Women, aware of their management responsibility of Corà Timber Transilvania: a local governance that enhances and respects the industrial, social and cultural assets of Bosnia and Romania, two countries with the same value that  welcomes and hosts the production units of Corà Timber Industries.


"Our roots… are in the wood”


Edged Lumber
Edged Lumber

    Where we are

    Mico-Legnami headquarters are in Miercurea Sibiului, near Sibiu, Romania.

    Ths strategic location allows the comany the supply of beech, ash, oak, walnut and cherry trunks, from the Carpathian Mountains forests. These are trunks of good diameter and structure, creating good sizes ad lengths.


    Str.Villor, 23

    Jud.Sibiu Miercurea Sibiului

    CF RO 13788050

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