Our History

Over 15 years of history Lipa developed a total capacity of exsiccation of 2.100 cube meters. The dynamics of the market in a continuous and fast evolution constitute the natural and safe production management of Lipa. The future is already present.


2015 marks a double historic moment: the purchase of a new last generation Italian planer useful for the production of S4S planed beech and the installation of two new last generation exsiccation ovens from the Italian company, TERMOLEGNO. This gives a technological advantage that reduces the seasoning time of timber, especially the oak timber.


In 2014, a modern and independent trimming line was bought. This allows the company to increase progressively the trimmed timber production.


In 2013, a new and modern hangar for the finished products, dried and selected, was inaugurate.


In 2010, Lipa receives the FSC certificate. It marks also a changing point in the production process. The oak timber was introduced, as it is well appreciated and known among the global clients.

This decision fostered and allowed the company to undertaken evolutionary process through the marketing of beech timber, bought from selected local sawmills, afterwards seasoned, dried and selected through the quality standards of Lipa.


During the period between 2008-2012 a constant expansion of the production area happened, through the acquisition of new lands, afterwards reclaimed, that were designate as service areas for the transportation of goods and indoor storage of products. Progressive growth of the number of exsiccation ovens reaching the capacity of 1.200 cube meters per cycle. The offices block was terminated.


In 2005 the sawing line was substituted with a last generation machinery of the known Italian company PRIMULTINI.


Lipa was founded in 2000 in Omarska, Bosnia, when in the country was still present the strong corporation SFOR. The Banja Luka region, where is Lipa, has always been one of the best areas in the world for beech timber, particularly appreciated for it light and homogeneous coloration, the absolute absence of a red heart and a stable fiber.