Villa Zileri – headquarters

Corà Timber Industries chose Villa Zileri as it the new headquarters, in Monteviale, near Vicenza.

Big and elegant spaces to work in a modern space, perfect for meeting our clients in a unique magnificent location, surrounded by the green of a place rich of beauty and culture.

The perfect space to represent a company 100% Made in Italy.

Offices and team


A new logo for a new project

Corà Timber Industries offers itself to the market as a renovated company through a simple image of and but immediate impact that restores  and redefines the brand identity: the logo is an abstract recall of the world of wood industries.

Green, forests, trees, foliage are the symbol that immediately refers to the immense places from where  the long handling wood process starts. This is outlined by the a linear sketch that represents three leaves, described by different tone colors to remember  the sun seeping in the trees. The tree, the synonym of never ending growth; the symbol that we communicate to clients through trust and sincerity.