Our history

CORA’ TIMBER INDUSTRIES was founded on 30th October, 2015, following the division from Corà Domenico & Figli Spa, historic company originally dedicated to the sawing production with three sawmills lines that became leader in wood IMPORT and TRADE in Italy and abroad.

1987: Domenico Corà, President of Corà Timber Industries Spa, with his father Gianfranco, Cavaliere del Lavoro and President for over 30 years of historical Cora Domenico & Figli SpA, founded by his father Domenico.

The historic connection, the mutual understanding and knowledge of problems, the clients closeness are the factors that outline Corà Timber Industries, being an essential part of our history.

The real power of the group are the foreign sawmills, particularly Lipa and Mico, both operative from over 15 years. Since 2015 is operative also Transilvania with the positive dynamism of the last formed.

An internalization process started long time ago with the focused aim of been citizen of the world!

All foreign firms are 100% subsidiary companies of Corà Timber Industries. This is a competitive advantage that allows production flexibility and decision speed.

The subsidiaries are characterized by a strong administrative, with an Italian management transferred on site and local employees of high excellence and undisputed value.

Corà Hardwood Company2016

Corà Hardwood Company is the fourth pillar of the group, officially founded in the end of 2016. Headquartered in Croatia, in the area of Zagreb, its productive focus is oak planks: a real evolution of the concept of concentration yard.

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Corà Timber Industries2015


Corà Timber Industries is an international network for the production of European hardwood timber with FOUR productive units in Bosnia and Romania. The group headquarters is in Vicenza, Italy, whose astonishing cultural heritage is protected by UNESCO.


Corà Timber Transilvania2015

TRANSCorà Timber Transilvania  is the firm built in 2015, coming from a previous historic Italian company operative from the 2005. Transilvania is located in Siret, Romania, in a rich and various forest resources area.

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Mico Legnami2001


Mico Legnami was founded in 2001 with modern Italian production machinery. The company is located in Miercurea Sibiuli, near Sibiu (Romania), for its proximity to Carpathian Mountains.

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Lipa - Drvo2000


Lipa Drvo was founded in 2001 in Omarska, near the Banja Luka area (Bosnia) with production equipments imported from Italy. The company production is marked out by the proximity to the specific Balkans area.

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