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Corà Timber Industries Spa is glad to announce the founding of the forth society: Corà HARDWOOD Company.

The operative area is around Zagabria, the Croatia capital city, meeting point through offer and request and political forestry crucial center.

The research of a location suitable to the production program of the Group was entrusted to a specialized agency to shortly found the location cohesive to the specific holding needs.

Corà HARDWOOD Company foundation represent a further Group reinforcement to increase the species offered and the production volume to strengthen the Corà wood presence in the global markets.

The production and the offer of woods in the different quality grades will be specifically oriented to the other group societies reference markets. In the same time, it will permit the entering in new important sales areas as the English market, long-time great oak consumer, first of all of the Croatian prime one.

Corà HARDWOOD Company represents a concrete proceeding of an historical process of a thirty-year presence in Croatia, through the structural reinforcing of a new productive reality near the magnificent oak forests of this area.

Corà HARDWOOD Company is a challenge for all the holding management focused on the research of the human resources suitable for the independent management of the new production reality.

Corà HARDWOOD Company for its separate sales area, the operative office in China, the partnership with selected broker agencies and the sales agents of the singles consociates, will be an invaluable chance to increase the offer and promote its presence with the clients.

Corà HARDWOOD Company will represent a further selected commercial partner for the client, the importer and the wood retailer. It will add value to the special collaboration with the other societies of the Group and will be another opportunity to develop and increase the presence in their markets.

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