"The tree is, since ancient times, the symbol and expression of life, balance and wisdom."
Jean Giono, France 1895-1970

Lipa-Drvo was founded in 2001 in Omarska (Bosnia), with a new sawmill structure and modern Italian production machines together with evaporation, drying and selection plants.

It provides numerous services: sawing, trimming, evaporation, seasoning, drying, selection, storage and direct delivery to the clients. Lipa has also a modern implant of beech and oak planing.

Banja Luka is considered the region where grows the best beech in the world. On the other hand, the proximity to the Balkan area gives the opportunity for a continuous supply of certified high quality oak.

This is the reason why the forest richness sustainability is a priority for Lipa and all the production units of Corà Timber Industries, that thanks to suppliers, selected through severe parameters of reliability and accuracy, guarantee the maximum safeguard of the forestall asset. The respect and the attention to environmental issues, the commitment to transform the raw material through the highest quality standards, the experience acquired in many working years, are the elements that make Lipa a competitive reality of absolute quality in Bosnia and Croatia.

This is possible also thanks to the professionalism, reliability and experience of the  staff, values that are part of our production process.

The capillary commercial organization, shared with the Cora Timber Industries group, promotes Lipa FSC certified products, guaranteeing support, qualified consultancy and assistance to the world wide clients.

The continuous supply of trunks, the total control of the production cycle, from forest to the final product, the continuous and constant monitoring to guarantee high standards have all a common goal purpose: the satisfaction of the client.

During all these years of activity, Lipa received numerous awards from public authorities and institutions where it is located. In 2015 it has dispatched over 600 trucks and containers with a percentage of 0.5 of complaint among all the delivered.


The company can satisfy numerous requests thanks to its equipments present in loco: Lipa has 19 driers, for a total of 1860 sq.m., 2 vaporizers and 5 carriages, 2 boilers, 1 Primultini Italian band saw, 3 trimmers and 1 line of BFB automatic reselection.

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